Philly Muslims mark Eid al-Fitr with outdoor celebrations


During the summer break, many muslim parents take vacations to different parts of the world with their families but due to covid-19 and it’s impact many might not travel.Now the question is how are our children gonna make the most out of this summer? Don’t worry,I have some ideas that might help

Enroll them in Summer Islamic program/Dugsi.

Enroll your students in a summer program/dugsi to help them learn new skills, further their knowledge and make new muslims friends.These types of…

US Drone Attacks: A war on Innocent Somalis

Watching George Floyd plead for air and utter ‘’ I can’t breathe’ shocked many people in the World. For many people, it might be just one isolated incident of racism but for me, it has proved how lethal is a white man with a gun. They are not only killing their black brothers in America but take the lives of many innocent people all over the world. …

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Five Tips to Help Your Child memorize/learn the Qur’an(Part 1)


I won’t be wrong to say that it is a dream of every Muslim parent for their child to learn something from the Qur’an or become hafidh. It is obligatory for every parent to teach their children the basics of the deen just like they are supposed to provide them with the basics of life. Learning the Qur’an opens your heart to acquiring knowledge and it is a great honor from Allah that He bestows on a few people. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said, “Whoever recites the Qur’an secures knowledge of prophethood within his ribs [bosom], though Divine Revelation…

لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِرَ وَذَكَرَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا — 33:21

There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.

Allah informs us of a great role model not just for young people, and not for a group of people but for every person whose wish is to enter into Jannah. You must be wondering who is that individual whom Allah recommends for us and what is so special about them? .I know for sure there is no Muslim but they hear his name 5 times a day, they mention his name in their salah and there is no single time…

Bismillahi, here are another five tips that will help your child succeed in their hingaad journey. A successful hingaad paves the way for Qur’an memorization. If you are really keen on your child’s Qur'an learning then you start from their hingaad.

6.Know your Child’s teacher.

A student is as good as his teacher. As a parent it is very important you choose your child’s teacher wisely by knowing about their qualification, experience and their relationship with their students. You should talk to parents whose children learn under that teacher and if it is possible to talk with the teacher and…

A very common challenge among students who struggle in their Qur’an Memorization is the lack of ability to read the Quran from the Mushaf. An underlying cause of this problem is the lack of proper Hingaad foundation, poor hingaad curriculum combined with no understanding of Tajweed rules and the Qur’an scripture. Luckily there is a solution for every problem and I will be sharing with you ten tips that will help your child or student become proficient in Hingaad and their recitation of the Qur’an.

  1. GOAL.

This is the most important step for the parent and their child. Learning Hingaad…

How do we deal with the closure of dugsis due to the rapid spread of Covid-19? How do we make the most out of this difficult situation?. I will be sharing with you several steps we can take to make sure our children’s Quran and Islamic studies are not impacted dramatically by this pandemic.

  1. Surrendering to the Will of Allah.

The most important lesson from this pandemic is realizing that this world is a place of trials and tribulations. It is important you take precautions by washing your hands with soap and warm water, cover your nose while sneezing or…

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